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The Synergie Group places particular emphasis on the management of your career because we want each and every one of you to find fulfilment in a position that best matches your skills and interests.

Through dialogue and training and by paying close attention to your needs, the Human Resources Department supports you throughout your career.

As soon as they join the company, new employees participate in an orientation session, where they learn the fundamentals of our business. Participants also become acquainted with the company, its values and the way it operates.

Skill development
Throughout their career at Synergie, our employees take training courses to acquire and enhance skills specific to their profession. With this goal in mind, a national Training Department for permanent personnel develops action plans in line with individual needs and the company’s objectives. A team of in-house trainers, who have experience in the field, present information about our business and support permanent employees throughout their professional life at Synergie.

Professional development
Every year, managers conduct a performance review to assess the skills of each member of their staff. In addition to fostering individual skill development, the performance review provides the Human Resources Department with a way to determine a career path for each employee.

Mobility and internal promotion
Synergie gives priority to current employees to fill vacant jobs. Thanks to more than 400 agencies located throughout France (see map), you will have many opportunities for career advancement. And many employees have seized the chance.

We are seeking:

Synergie wants to strengthen its presence in the field by expanding the range of new skills available in its agencies.