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FC Nantes

In sports as in business, training, a team spirit, and a passion for winning are one in the same. Synergie is proud to promote the values that encourage the highest levels of success.

For more than 10 years, Synergie has been honoured to serve as the major sponsor of the Nantes Atlantique Football Club – a collaboration begun in 1970 and extended by contract until at least 2008. This sense of loyalty is based on a shared belief in sports and performance.

In all the stadiums in France and Europe, the “Canaries” proudly demonstrate the “Nantes style” of team sports. They also display great confidence in their talented players, who are trained in a school that specialises in preparing gifted young athletes. This esprit de corps is frequently rewarded with victories. The Nantes Atlantique Football Club holds the longevity record at the top-division level – it has competed more than 42 seasons in a row in League 1. It also boasts a dazzling record of wins: eight Champion de France titles, including 2001, and three Coupes de France victories, including 1999 and 2000.   

FC Nantes